Hoysala Village resort

Hassan ,Karnataka

Hoysala Village Resort is a premium property in Hassan that redefines luxury, in completely natural surroundings.

Facilities :

Price Range : Rs. 12000 - Rs. 17000

Manjarabad fort

It is a star fort built in 1792 by Tipu Sultan the then ruler of Mysore [1] on the pattern of the military forts developed by the French architect Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban. The fort is located 37 kilometres from Hassan

Shettihalli church

Also known as rossary church is a dilapidated structure on the banks of hemavathi river. The church was build by french missionaries who came to sakleshpur and is 200 years old. Every year during monsoons church will be submerged under water . The ruined structure showcases the marvellous gothic style of architecture of church .It is 20 kms from hassan .

Halebidu Hoysaleswara temple

Halebidu Hoysaleswara temple is a temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. It was built in Halebidu 31 kms from Hassan and 16 kms from Belur during the rule of King Vishnuvardhana of the Hoysala Empire in the 12th century. The construction was started around 1120 CE and completed in 1150 CE 

Belur Chennakeshava Temple

The Belur Chennakeshava Temple, originally called Vijayanarayana was built on the banks of the Yagachi River in Belur, by the Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana. Belur, which was an early Hoysala capital, is in the Hassan district of Karnataka, 40 kms from Hassan.


Shravanabelagola is situated 51 km southeast of Hassan and is one of the holiest places for the Jains. There is a 1000-year-old, 17 m high monolith of Lord Bahubali said to be the tallest monolith in the world

Hasanamba Temple

Hasanamba Temple that is open to pilgrims only once a year for about a week during second Ashwayuja (October)